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100 wreks #40

Here’s the link to my SOPHIE tribute episode from last year <3

And here’s the tracklist from tonight’s episode:

Run Away With Me (Himera’s Firework Remix) – Carly Rae Jepsen
Curiosity – Carly Rae Jepsen

my fault (prod. kmoe) – juno
25 bands and a geccco – 100 gecs
alive – blxty

picnic (prod. mixedmatches) – i9bonsai
will u ever shut up ! (prod. nebita + yung skrrt) – Can of Bliss
Chokehold – Dylan Longworth, Corefish, 31sentinel, Austyn With A Y (via Goop House)

Whole New World (SOPHIE and Doss Remix) – SOPHIE + Doss
My Forever (ELFZ Edit) – SOPHIE
Just Like We Never Said Goodbye – SOPHIE

the world’s most famous cat… – Kaho Matsui
Let Me KNow – TTristana + Esuna
Wonder (DJ PUPPYLUV NXC Edit) – Perfume

If I Had Your Number – moistbreezy
heart in 2 (D’Eon Remix) – caro<3

Dare (Dvnots Remix) – Namasenda