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涟漪 Lian Yi 11/6/23: My Teenage Playlist

Today’s playlist was inspired by the music I’d listen when I was 12-14 and first getting into Cpop. Some of this music I wouldn’t characterize as my taste now, but we all start somewhere. For me, that was big pop ballads. So let’s take this trip down memory lane! Anything marked with an asterisk * is an unofficial translation by me.

“Like You” by G.E.M., Like You – Single*

“Intoxicated” by G.E.M., Intoxicated

Onion”* by Ping An*, Sky Above City

“Far Away” by Jay Chou ft. Fei Yu-ching, Still Fantasy

“You Are Everywhere” by Jay Chou, Opus 12

“You Exist In My Song” by Wanting, Everything In the World

”Those Bygone Years” by Hu Xia, Flame of Love

“Twilight” by JJ Lin, From M.E. to Myself

“Sweet” by Jay Chou, On the Run

“A Little Happiness” by Hebe Tien, Our Times Original Soundtrack*

“Practise Book for Youth” by TFBOYS, Manual of Youth

《喜欢你》邓紫棋, 《喜欢你 – Single》专辑



《千里之外》周杰伦 & 费玉清,《依然范特西》专辑


《我的歌声里》曲婉婷,《Everything In the World》专辑





《青春修炼手册》TFBOYS, 《青春修炼手册》EP