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Girl Rock 11/7/23

We’re back to our regularly scheduled programming! All music — including Punk!!!

Keep In Touch // Suzie True
Eggshells // Diva Bleach
P.U.N.K Girl // Heavenly
Block Your Number // Maude Latour

Stoop Kid // Sorry Mom
ghosts // Rosemary, Talia Lima
Animal // Sir Chloe
Honeysuckle // Pom Pom Squad

beach song – demo // Leonie Biney
Siren // Kailee Morgue
Kiss Me Aphrodite // Oscar the Wild
Wet // Dazey and the Scouts

On Your Heels // Rocket
Pick Me Up // Rachel Bochner
Midday Midnight // Pinksqueeze
Red with Love // Pom Pom Squad

You Were in My Dream Last Night // Babygirl
Conceited // Lola Young