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mode8 #38: calamari sampler!

Welcome back to another mode8 episode recap! This week, my fellow Wednesday DJ wanted to know more about Splatoon music so I made a 20 minute sampler of the 3 games (and Octo Expansion) for them and for you at home to listen as well!

Youtube Playlist!

Ink or Sink // Splatoon 1
Ink Me Up! // Splatoon 1
Acid Hues // Splatoon 2
Entropical // Splatoon 2
Splattack! (Octo) // Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion
Til Depth Do Us Part // Splatoon 3
Headhammer // Splatoon 3
The Ride // Ridge Racer 4
Honmoku Night Racers // Racing Lagoon
Title Theme // Netherworld
Funny Beach // Kira Kira Star Night dx
Grape Garden // Kirby Super Star
Trophy // Super Smash Bros Melee
Smog City // Spark: The Electric Jester
Strange Parade // Sonic Runners
Jaime’s Theme // Street Fighter 6
Remixed and Remastered Bomberman Hero OST