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An “add list” is a list of the records that we have recently added to our regular airplay. Record labels like to see these lists to verify that we are playing the records that they send us. In addition to this add list generator, you can also search our entire music library.

For information about submitting music for addition to our rotation, click here.

Most recent additions to the WREK playlist

Album TitleGroupLabelDate AddedRotation
CuriosityWampirePolyvinyl Records02-AUG-23L
The Basketweave ElegiesPeter GarlandCold Blue Music02-AUG-23L
Halcyon DaysMichael ByronCold Blue Music02-AUG-23L
Everything Was Forever Until It Was No MoreEsmerineConstellation02-AUG-23L
Total Reggae: Pop Hits Reggae StyleVarious ArtistsVP Records02-AUG-23L
TotalErik JourgensenErik Jourgensen25-JUL-23L
I'm In Love AgainSweet Megg and Ricky AlexanderTurtle Bay25-JUL-23L
Witness MarksDrew FitchetteFurious Hooves25-JUL-23L
None, Too ManyDrew FitchetteFurious Hooves25-JUL-23L
Duo and TrioRobert Magris featuring Mark ColbyJ Mood25-JUL-23L
PermutationAmon TobinNinja Tune25-JUL-23L
System 7.3: Fire + Water777Butterfly Records25-JUL-23L
Total Reggae: Island VibesVarious ArtistsVP Records25-JUL-23L
N*ggative ApproachObnox12XU25-JUL-23L
Peel SessionMeat Beat ManifestoStrange Fruit25-JUL-23L
Paradise CoveLisa HiltonRuby Slippers Productions25-JUL-23L
Planet (i)Squirrel FlowerPolyvinyl Records25-JUL-23L
La Musique Traditionelle DebrancheeKevin Naquin & Cajun PreservationSwallow Records25-JUL-23L
Techno Unit 30: AudiochromeLarry Kucharz{your name here} Records12-JUN-23M
Love MeTomas BarfodSecretly Canadian12-JUN-23M
Chinese FoodR_Garcia{your name here} Records12-JUN-23L
Earth Vol.1LTJ Bukem{your name here} Records22-MAY-23M
Lunatic Harnessμ-ZiqCaroline Records22-MAY-23M
glitchcryogeyser{your name here} Records22-MAY-23M
Back In the DaySwami Sound{your name here} Records12-APR-23M
Biogenic Crystalline EntityJack Propane{your name here} Records11-APR-23M
Saturnial HologramPaul Reality{your name here} Records11-APR-23M
RavenKelelaWarp Records (UK)08-APR-23M
Miracle In TransitNaked Flames{your name here} Records07-APR-23M
WREKtacular 2023 SamplerWREKtacular ArtistsWREKtacular16-MAR-23H
Crystal CastlesCrystal CastlesLast Gang Records23-FEB-23M