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The Amen Break is a seven-second drum loop performed by Gregory Coleman in the 1969 soul track “Amen, Brother,” and it may be the most heard seven seconds of sound known to man. Sampled countless times throughout the following decades, the drum break was the progenitor of entire genres of music (with some help from other iconic breakbeat samples). In this show, we explore the tracks that utilize these samples to their full effect. Prepare to ricochet from smooth grooves to percussive onslaughts and rhythmic paradoxes.

Welcome to the greatest seven seconds of your life.

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The show before (128kbps / 24kbps)

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The Amen Collection 5-2-22




AFX – Orphans


DJ Crystl – Meditation
gayphextwin – Where Is My Prairie Sun
Skee Mask – Trackheadz
Disclosure – Deep Sea
telemist – rush
Orbital – Are We Here ? (Who Are They ?)

space invaders are smoking grass – useless wolves
goreshit – Know Dat Swing
The Flashbulb – Amen Iraq
Zimbabwe Legit – Doin’ Damage In My Native Language (Shadow’s Legitimate Music)
dgoHn – Puppet
Nasty Habits – Here Come The Drumz
AFX – Nightmail 1

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And that’s the Amen Collection.

The Amen Collection 4-25-22


Kids Edition?


Nico Niquo – Epitaph


Chameleon – Just Close Your Eyes & Listen
Nico Niquo – Not Here
Tetrisphere – Learn
Fatboy Slim – Right Here, Right Now
Jake Chudnow – Yo
Bibio – fire ant
Ape Escape – Coral Cave
LTJ Bukem – Music (Peshay Rework)
Aphex Twin – Untitled (Four Tet Remix)
Hideki Naganuma – Teknopathetic
808 State – Techno Bell
Wagon Christ – Saddic Gladdic
Ceephax Acid Crew – Eurozone
Negative Gemini – Clown Cleaner
Amorphous Androgynous – Swab
Henri Texier – Les La-Bas (Bonobo Remix)
Aphex Twin – Inkey$

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One more show of the Amen Collection left! I’ll see you next week!!

The Amen Collection 4-18-22


 This set was originally broadcasted on 12-13-21.

Vaperror – Acid Arcadia


Soundbwoy Killah – Wanna Hold U
Aphex Twin – Polynomial C
Beastie Boys – Flute Loop
Shut Up and Dance – The Green Man
Helicopters – House Jungle Mixer
Pearson Sound –  Alien Mode
Skee Mask – IT Danza
DMA’S – Life is a Game of Changing (Orbital Remix)
Vaperror – Unknown C
The Flashbulb – Lucid Bass III
Partiboi69 – Nissan Skyline
Opus III – It’s a Fine Day (Burt Fox Remix)
Special Request – Vortex 164 (Sully Remix)
Jonny L. – Tychonic Cycle

Lone – Mouth of God
False Noise – Kek
Skee Mask – Kozmic Flush


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The Amen Collection 4-11-22

 This set was originally broadcasted on 9-13-21.

Daniel Avery Love + Light


Remarc – Thunderclap (Dubplate Mix)
YABUJIN – Kizaru 3D
Klaus Veen – Attack of the Drums
Megashira – Microcosmos (Future Dub)
Naked Flames – new hiding spot
Steinvord – Ontrackv2
Daniel Avery – Infinite Future

Danny Breaks – Science Fu Beats
John B – Up All Night
ESPRIT 空想 – Untitled2
Special Request – Spectral Frequency
Aphex Twin – Meltphace 6

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The Amen Collection 4-4-22


Plex – Afro Breaks


Plex – Afro Breaks

Hong Kong Express – Hong Kong 2046
AceMoma – Lucky Number 12
Danvers – Aye Ata
Burial & Four Tet – Unreleased
Anthony Naples – Mad Disrespect

Casper Pound – Pioneers of the Warped Groove (Way Out West Mix)
Odeed – 7th & Broadway

Four Tet – Evening Side (Oneohtrix Point Never Edit)
Chris Lake feat. Alex Roberts – Turn Off The Lights
Squarepusher – Abacus 2
Aphex Twin – Phlange Phace

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