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Lost In Oscillation

Saturday 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Genres: Minimal Synth, Synthpop, New Wave, Industrial, EBM, New Beat, Post-Punk, Acid House, Chicago House, Italo-Disco, Electro, Deep House, Garage House, Hip House, Techno, Rai, Ambient
Host: Yasmine Jalali

Inspired by countless Internet blogs such as Die or D.I.Y.? and reissue labels such as Minimal Wave, Music From Memory, Dark Entries, and Mannequin Records, Lost In Oscillation focuses on preserving underground electronic music and even showcasing local and international experiments within the genre. It forges links between 1980s EBM and today’s industrial techno (think labels like Blackest Ever Black and Regis’ Downwards), early minimal synth projects and contemporary musicians channeling a similar sound, and more. Each set is a mixed bag with the intention of creating an original identity and keeping it weird and weirder.

The last show (128kbps / 24kbps)

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The show before (128kbps / 24kbps)

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Lost In Oscillation – 7/1/2023

Analyse Logique – No Ancestry At All
Legowelt – Sturmvogel
Aux 88 – Let’s Dance
Twilight Passion – Meg 1 (Unit Mix)
Parade Ground – Action Replay

Reseau D’Ombres – Square
This Final Frame – Memories Are Stone
Body & The Buildings – Nothing’s Real
Nurges – Decide
Count Bass-E – It’s Only A Dream
Mistery – Misterio
Steve Simmons “The Creator” – Pump The Bass (To Jack) (Club Mix)
Haight Ashbury Acid Test – Melt Down Guru
L.X.R. – He Was The King
Stories In Dubh – Chapter 1 [A Real Good Lover]
Soofle – How Do You Plead?
The Bionaut – Banana
Mitch Rushton – Voyage From Yesteryear 
Fantasia – I Remember
The Trial – In The Fiction Press (Pictures)
Defender – Can’t Get Over You
Pattie Blue – Hook Up
Blago Bung – Forruttnelsen
Madame Bovary – Be My Friend (In Spite of All)
Tati’s Lovers – Sweet Words
400 Words – Movin’ (Special Extended Club Remix)
Dada Nada – Deep Love (Def Mix)
Wayne Gardiner – To Be Free Again (Dan Curtin Remix)

Lost In Oscillation – 6/17/2023

Grey Factor – You’re So Cool
Bourbonese Qualk – Pipe Dreams
Hegoa – Aries Resurrection
Das Kabinette – Spy Thriller
Claire Thomas & Susan Vezey – Diamonds & Ashes
Lauri Paisley – Eternity’s Messenger
Nasmak – Silhouette
Pel Mel – Lost My Appetite
Worldbackwards – Depression Flies Away
SIC – Thought Noises
Loudness – Nana
Blake Baxter & Eddie Flashin Fowlkes – Wisdom
Great Naked – Narrow Bed
J.S.R. – Understars
Pro Memoria – Hannah
Vorgruppe – Tanzgerase in Ekstase
Lieferschein – Leben Auf Dem Müll
Pere Ubu – Dub Housing
Paris Working – The Film Of The Breakdown
Skinner Box – The Playhouse
Lead Into Gold – Faster Than Light (Special Radio Edit)
Ed Watson And The Brass Circle – Don’t You Know How Much I Love You
Lars Falk – Hello Hello
Code Industry – Crimes Against The People
Sudden Presents – Living In The Moment
A Gethsémani – Impressions
Patrick Gibson – We, Him, and Us Three (No Vocals)
Alive She Died – Lament (Your Hands)
art: Ado Vabbe
“Affection, the magic word.
Where do you roam?
That you have left men so bitter…
And women so lonely?
Generous attitude.
Why do you not return?
To make men happier…
And the women fairer.
Affection and tenderness…
Why do you hide?
If in so doing, we cannot understand the wonders of love.”
– Bauer’s poem, from Sergio Toledo’s Vera (1986)

Lost In Oscillation – 5/6/2023

the dancer’s delight – records played below.
Luc Marianni – Video Screens Part 5 À 8 (Video Screens Control) [1984]
Morio Agata – エアプレイン [1980]
Braque – Clitosunic [1981]
Njurmännen – Theories On Love & Thought Control [1990]
Dancer – Don’t Go [1993]
Julian Flenoy – Turn Me Out [1985]
Milkways – Love For N.R. part 1 [1978]
Radar – Momenti Rosa [1982]
Advanced Art – Twisted [1992, off the comp Cybernetic Biodread Transmission]
Busy Body Chris – Party Up! [?, I’m assuming 1988?]
Professor Funk & The House Brothers – Work Your Body (Rap Your Body) [1986]
Rare Form – Freak [1986, off Rob Olson’s Chicago Jack Beat comp]
Kristine – Head Games [1985]
Bagarre – No Toys [1982]
Barbara Roy And Ecstasy, Passion, And Pain – If You Want Me [1981]
Scala – The Perfume Of Love [1987]
Chris & Cosey – Sin [1991]
D’ – Boyz – Let’s Go! Let’s Go! (Don’t Stop The Rythm) [1988]
Latour – Cold (Mark!’s Adventurous Mix) [1992]
Deadly Sins Featuring Omen – Together (Club Mix) [1991]
Mercedes Hall – In No Mood (D.J. John Matarazzo Club Mix) [1991]
Peacetime – The Truth Will Set You Free (Free Time Work Mix) [1992]
Pamela Fernandez – Let’s Start Over [1995]
Tac Head – You’ve Got Me In A Trance [1983]
Jamie Jupitor – Computer Power [1985]
E’leesa – Where Did Your Love Go? [1987]
Tuxedomoon – In The Name Of Talent (Italian Western Two) [1981]
Little Nemo – Alan’s Waiting [1987]
Montasje – Presence! [1982]
Factual – Psychotic Romance (Remix) [1984]
Skinny Puppy – Chainsaw [1987]
Njurmännen – Telepathic Hotline [1990]
Dark Day – excerpt from The Exterminations (1 Thru 6) off Trapped [1981]
Red Red Groovy – Come To Me, Ecstasy (Ecstasy Acid Mix) [1994]
DSK – I’ll Keep Holdin’ On (Italian Mix) (remixed by Andrea Gemolotto) [1992]

Lost In Oscillation – 4/22/2023

General Strike – My Body
Mystic Eyes – Reality
Jah Shaka – Mystery Dub
Mark Wyman – Space In Faders
Mark Stewart & The Maffia – Liberty City
The Bugs – Amstel
Jah Shaka – Praises Dub
This Heat – Shrinkwrap
Mark Stewart & The Maffia – Blessed Are Those Who Struggle
Clock DVA – Sons Of Sons
The Pop Group – Where There’s A Will
The Pop Group – Words Disobey Me
Dennis Bovell – Chief Inspector
Cool Waters – Mr. Cherry
Mouth – Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea
Ludus – The Escape Artist
Fit & Limo – Images Of April
Brenda Beachball Ray – Theme From Another Space
Bim Sherman with Dub Syndicate – Keep You Dancing
Al Campbell – Jah Love
Jah Shaka – Blessings Of Dub
Missing Brazilians – Frequency Blast
Mark Stewart & The Maffia – Learning To Cope With Cowardice
Annie Anxiety Bandez – Bastinado
The Unlimited Dream Company – Up In Dub Heaven (Front Line Dub)
Human Mesh Dance – Moonflower
The Pop Group – Amnesty Report
Vivien Goldman – P.A. Dub
De-Bons-En-Pierre – Card Short of a Full Deck
Minister Of Noise – Really Xcitin’ (We Are Comin’ Down)
The Slits – Man Next Door
Brenda Ray – Universal Purpose
The Ullulators – Shringara
Bourbonese Qualk – (The Last Thing We Have Is) Choice
Pedro – Love, Perfect Bond
The Minx – Something Happen
G. Rizo – Je Me Mentis
Mark Stewart – These Things Happen
Jah Shaka – Coronation Dub

Lost In Oscillation – 4/15/2023

pictured: Yoichiro Kawaguchi – Hydrodynamics Ocean (2007)

installation work of a hydrodynamics simulation performed in real time

mix tracks below:

Madjid Khaladj – Do-tchaharom Improvisation a 2 Temps
Mark Lane – 3rd Party
Henry Spencer – Seit Dieser Nacht
Know – Knights Of Pleasure
Linear Movement – The Game
Stratis – Assembly Line
Almost Alone – It’s So Sad
Paul Nova – Famous Boys
Clockwork Orange – Sensation Boys
Extraños En El Coche – Canción Sombras
Anton Ignorant – Para Rose Eme (Canción De Rabia Y Esperanza)
Girls On Dextrose – Open Spaces
Kosmik Kommando – Remember The Feeling
Ultime Possibilité – Pensees Nocturnes
Aberdeen – I Think I’m Falling
Evening In Torpor – Rectangles
Vince Watson – Echoes From The Future
Bango – Mystical Adventures (Mystic Mix)
Out-Or – Run Tree (Yaz’s Remix, my remixed track)
Miina Hãrma – Lauliku Iapsepõli
Collage – Mets Neidude Vahel
Friends of Matthew – Out There (Raw Mix)
Annie Williams – Folie
The Bionaut – Peach
Green Planet – Aurora (Dark Stress Remix)
Northern Machine – Cloudfield
Tanz Waffen – Big Strong Man (Wild Boys Remix)
3 Miles From Here – Why
Solace – Broken Dreams
Teri – I’m On Fire (Expresso Mix #1)
Z-Factor – I Am The D.J.
Denise Motto – Dubulation
The Human League – Love Action (Ron Hardy Edit)
May – Motivate Yourself (Techno Hut Mix)
Bochum Welt – Phlagstaph (Tele 1)
Real Dynamic House Duo – House Music (All Night Long)
Lil Louis – How I Feel
Before The Storm – I’ve Got The Music (Zanzibar Dub)
Island And Holiday – Living
Acute Logic – Balcony