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The Sci Fi Lab discusses all the best in science fiction, from movies and television to literature and actual science.

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Updates and Existentialism

Greetings loyal listeners! Due to a series of unfortunate events and bugs, this webpage has become sorely out of date. Luckily the great and mighty engineers here at WREK have fix the problem and provided a solution to the issues. All this to say: This page shall live again! That’s right. You can now return to following this page for updates and notes for each episode of the ScifiLab. Or at least you can until I leave, the new guy might not be so verbose as I am. Anyway onto the show notes!




Rick and Morty

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Difference between Fate and Destiny

That is all I can remember for now. Here is a link to a few youtube videos the members of the show watched to prepare for this episode:

Existentialism Playlist

See you next week!


Month Recap –
Seth – reading “The Dream of Perpetual Motion”
Travis – Researching for his thesis
Jamie – Reading “At Station 11”
Josh – Inventing in Invention Studio
Rachel – Forced here by that monster Travis
Matthew – formulating a Rodger Rabbit and Space Jam ultimate theory.

Sportsball (Sports) –
Tron as a liminal story about the division of Sports and Games. I.E. People v People and People v Pieces.

Note from listeners: Galactic Football League by Scott Sigler as an example of sports ball in Science Fiction

Matthew shared his possibly insane or possibly brilliant theory of the connection between Space Jam and Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Afrofuturism – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Afrofuturism
Also discussed the “Black History Month Symposium” at Clark Atlanta University. Being hosted Monday, Feb 22, 2016, from 10am – 4pm.

NaNoWriMo and Inspiration –

nanowrimo.org – the whole shebang

Perry part of Nanowrimo – Lord Parsiful – Protagonist, Psychic, in a world invaded by aliens. Teach humans physic powers so he can hunt humans for sport .


Inspirations –

Perry – Earthbound, Real-Life, Politics

  • Merbahba
  • Random Generators – 7th Sanctum

Jamie – Lisa Yaszek, starts with a scenario or ethical issue

Travis – Earthbound and Magic the Gathering

Seth – Consumption of Media, “for everything you writing, read twice as much”

Connor – World Building, sifting through lore to understand.  Star Wars, Dragon Age


Magic Styles – Wild (no structure), Structured (known rules)

Culture Creation – Draw on your research

Sci Fi Lab 4/2/15 – Music

This week we discussed music in science fiction and listened to THE GLASS FORTRESS (BASED ON ZAMIATINE’S “WE”) by Rémi Orts Project & Alan B.


Next week: We talk about Tabletop Games and Game Design, with a pre-recorded interview with Ross Payton of Role Playing Public Radio fame.

Sci Fi Lab Presents: An Original Adaptation of “RUR: Rossum’s Universal Robots”

This Thursday, Nov 1st from 7-8 pm, the Sci Fi Lab will present an original adaptation of Karel Čapek’s “RUR: Rossum’s Universal Robots.” Written in 1920 and produced a year later, “RUR” introduced the word ‘robot’ to the English language. Since then, it has inspired everything from the replicants in “Blade Runner” to the Bot planet in “Futurama.” We hope you’ll tune in and experience a piece of science fiction history!