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There are three types of shows on WREK: block formats, specialty shows, and public affairs programming in addition to broadcasting Georgia Tech sports.

Block Formats

Our sound blocks take up most of the daytime broadcast hours and generally involve a specific musical genre (or mix of genres). These shows can be hosted by any WREK staff member and vary from day to day.

Specialty Shows

Over fifty hours of WREK’s weekly programming are dedicated to specialty shows, programs that allow a host to explore a particular genre of music. Typically airing in the evening, these shows are the gems of the WREK schedule, and some have been airing continuously for over a decade.

WREK has specialty shows focusing on ska, talk radio, new wave, classic rock, reggae, classical, Tech Sports, hip-hop, blues, world musics, experimental, electronic, heavy metal, industrial, radio drama, soul, funk and quite a few different types of jazz.

Find your niche, or discover a new one with our specialty shows list where you can filter by genre and sort however you want!

Public Affairs & Talk

These programs are generally syndicated and produced by someone outside of WREK. Most of our public affairs shows air on Sunday from 7:00am to 1:00pm.


WREK welcomes sponsorship of shows in return for on-air announcements. Yes, your business can bask in the WREK glow! Find out more about underwriting on WREK.