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How To Submit Music

Music can only be submitted by snail mail:

WREK 91.1 FM
350 Ferst Drive
Georgia Tech
John Lewis Student Center
Suite 2140
Atlanta, GA 30332

or emailed to:


WREK can handle submissions in all common music media formats, but CDs and LPs have a better chance of more airplay from our station’s operators. Cassettes and DATs and other formats may be submitted, but odds are they will not be played as often. Unfortunately, receipt of submissions will not be acknowledged because of the large volume of submissions every week. However, if the music you send to us is programmed for rotation, and we have an e-mail address on file for you, you will receive an e-mail confirming that from our automated weekly email system.

How Music is Selected for Programming

Our Music Directors pull CDs and LPs randomly from our bin of submissions. We don’t have “Loud Rock” Music Directors or “RPM” Music Directors, etc., so there’s no need to address any submission to a specific individual unless you’ve made arrangements with that person to review your album ahead of time. Because items are pulled randomly, it sometimes means newer submissions get reviewed before older ones.

Once a submission has been pulled for review from our inbox, it often takes a while to determine its fate. We are not trying to be difficult; we just want to make sure that each submission is given an equal opportunity for review. However, if you feel like your submission has been waiting for review for an unreasonable amount of time, feel free to call the station and inquire about its status.

Contacting the Music Directors

Our preferred method of contact is e-mail. Our address is music.director@wrek.org. The phone number is 404.894.2468 and the fax number is 404.894.6872.


Does WREK play independently-produced music?

Absolutely! We’ve found that quality music can be found on any label.

How can I tell if my music was programmed?

You can regularly check the On-Line Add List Generator to see what’s been added lately. Note that you can enter your label name in the optional field and it will report every record from you that we’ve ever programmed (the database goes back to the early 90′s!). After checking the add list, you can also ask us via email at music.director@wrek.org.

When can I hear my music?

Music is not scheduled for broadcast. All selections are done at random by the on-air op, depending on the format at the particular time.