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As a non-profit radio station, WREK allows sponsorships and advertisements in the form of underwriting.

If you are interested in underwriting a program on WREK, please send an email to business.manager@wrek.org for current rates and more info.

What is Underwriting?

Underwriting is a form of sponsorship where the sponsor receives a number of underwriting spots during the sponsored program. These underwriting spots identify the underwriter and provide factual information about the underwriter and/or its products and services. It is an acknowledgement to the listening audience of the underwriter’s commitment to WREK, rather than simply a persuasive argument. Underwriting is unique to noncommercial stations – all stations with a frequency below 92.1FM. If you have ever listened to National Public Radio or public television, chances are that you are already familiar with examples of underwriting.

As an underwriter, rather than an advertiser, you are associated with a particular program or format as a supporter or sponsor. Additionally, all underwriters will be given a banner and website link on WREK’s homepage.

Advantages to Underwriting on WREK

  1. Exclusivity: You will be the only underwriter for the program you sponsor. Underwriting stands out during a broadcast. WREK does not bombard listeners with loud, flashy spots.
  2. College Audience: As the student radio station of Georgia Tech, WREK provides unparalleled access to a college audience of over 20,000 students.
  3. Community Audience: WREK’s community audience differs from the average radio listener. Noncommercial radio provides access to an audience not available through mainstream radio.
  4. Broadcast Range: We are a 100,000 Watt station. This means that we have the highest legal wattage permissible by the FCC. Your message will be heard as far north as Calhoun, west to Anniston, AL, east to Athens, south to Macon.
  5. Broadcast Mediums: In addition to broadcasting both an analog and HD signal, WREK can be heard online and on the Georgia Tech Cable Network TV Guide
  6. Diversity: Since 1968, WREK has remained committed to broadcasting quality, divese music. With WREK Underwriting, you will reach a loyal diverse, audience.
  7. Support Local Noncommercial Radio: Atlanta is home to a vast, diverse radio listening audience, yet much of commercial radio seems to cater towards a select, few tastes. WREK Atlanta provides a refreshing approach to radio and broadcasts music and programming not heard anywhere else on the radio.

About WREK

WREK is a broadcast service of the students of Georgia Tech. Broadcasting at 100,000 Watts, 91.1 FM has a diversified schedule offering something for everyone. WREK’s programming has been hailed as “blessedly diverse” and “the only [station] within hundreds of miles that makes every effort to educate and expose its listeners to radical trends in current music” in Creative Loafing.

Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, WREK airs its quality programming to the entire greater Atlanta metropolitan area. Since 1968, WREK has offered a wide range of genres, attracting listeners interested in funk, international music, hip-hop, noise, truly underground rock, dub, classical, straight ahead jazz, Tech sports, real classic rock, punk, ska, ambient , big-band swing, metal, break-beat, blues, reggae, a “research-library rock and roll talkshow”, and much, much more. WREK attracts a loyal and active listenership of all ages and interests. The weekly broadcast schedule is presented at www.wrek.org/schedule.

WREK Atlanta is funded by the student body of Georgia Tech, donations from alumni and supporters, and underwriting. While the Student Government Association provides us each year with funding for basic operating expenses, additional expenses (equipment upgrades, specialty show music, syndication) often require the support of donors and underwriters. As a non-commercial station, WREK is committed to broadcasting quality content over generating commercial profit.

Underwriting Rates

Although our underwriting rate are competitive, all rates are negotiable. Often we will accept donations of goods in place of money, as well.

We also offer special rates for specialty shows with barter or loan agreements and we can customize any underwriting schedule to best fit your needs.

The Fine Print

The FCC allows announcements to be made to identify the underwriter. This provides a higher community profile and a more philanthropic appearance than the average advertiser, in exchange for the following restrictions:

  1. No qualitative language—very important—the language must be “value neutral”; there can be no language that “distinguishes the underwriter from its competitors” or even “seeks to cast its products in a favorable light”
  2. Even if a statement made about an underwriter is factually true, it is not permissible if it is also promotional (e.g. “Burrito Barn was voted Best Cheap Eats in the city by local food critics”)
  3. Reasonably short in length — spots longer than 30 seconds are likely to be scrutinized for promotional content
  4. Lists of items OK
  5. No “call to action” in the spot
  6. Passive identifiers are OK (what, when, where, etc.)
  7. No mention of special sales or discount offers
  8. No background music
  9. Spots cannot include contests or giveaways, but contests or giveaways can be done separately in a distinct non-spot break in the program
  10. “Logograms” are OK

Underwriting fees are due by ten days before the spots are to begin running in order to allow time to enter the spots into the system. Checks should pay to the order of WREK Atlanta.

Underwriting contracts at WREK can be made per show, monthly, semesterly (roughly four months), or yearly intervals.

Arrangements can usually be made for different underwriting terms; please send an email to business.manager@wrek.org to inquire about such arrangements.

WREK thanks you for your time and hopes that you will support WREK in the future, not only with your underwriting contributions, but with your valued listenership.


Skylar VanderLaan
Business Manager
WREK Atlanta, Georgia Tech Student Radio
350 Ferst Drive NW, Suite 2224
Atlanta, GA 30332-0630
Phone: 404.894.2468