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100 wreks

Wednesday 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Genres: Hyperpop, Digicore, Breakcore, PC Music, Nightcore
Host: Renny Hyde

Inspired by renowned music duo 100 gecs, 100 wreks presents hyperpop, an emerging genre characterized by pitched vocals, maximalist synths, and a willingness to embrace the spirit of pop music in all its extremes. Tune in for a dose of pure energy from the best independent pop artists the digital underground has to offer.

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100 wreks #55 – with Glitch Gum!

Thanks for tuning in to 100 wreks tonight for Glitch Gum’s guest mix! Here’s the tracklist, selected by the legend himself:

homeswitcher – Jane Remover + kmoe
Second hand embarrassment – underscores
NEVER MET! (feat. Glitch Gum) – CMTEN
Loansharks – underscores, gabby start
My Brain Is Lasers – Glitch Gum
5g – brakence
Stop Time – stecker
Highland Cow Plushies – Glitch Gum
757 – 100 gecs
doomsday – carbine
STAR HOP – 7ommy, Glitch Gum
Nightdrive (Chandler Ransom Lucy Remix) – LST
Kyoto (Glitch Gum Remix) – Phoebe Bridgers
my arms again – kmoe
Everybody’s Gotta Leave! – Glitch Gum, Stupid Hobby

100 wreks #52

Thanks for listening to the last 100 wreks episode of the semester! Here’s tonights tracklist:

Why Can't It Be You - moistbreezy
Lunch - Maude Latour

ANGEL'S THOUGHTS - Frost Children
prism - monty.pk

Bozo bozo bozo - underscores
lol. (feat. Jedwill + wishlane) [prod. wishlane + draf] - Left At London
never let you leave - kmoe

rest (with mental) [prod. rippo + deadat18] - arid
fall like a leaf - i9bonsai
exit life (prod. siem spark + 5head) - funeral

moonlessnight - caro
Dragonflies - Broken Spear + Sluurpee
To Find Connection (feat. Plastic Pet + Ari Liloia) - estle

Domino (easyFun Remix) - Jessie J

cloud 9 - donatachi

Hyperball 2: This time, it’s personal. (100 wreks #51)

The Hyperball is back on the airwaves bringing you maximalist synth-infused dance perfection…or should I say destruction…because this time, it’s personal. Here’s tonight’s tracklist:

1999 (EASYFUN Remix) - Charli XCX

Believe - GFOTY
Focus (Jennifer Walton focuscore edit) - Charli XCX

Whole New World (DOSS + SOPHIE Remix) - SOPHIE
sad day (Bedhair Girl Remix) - FKA twigs
Concrete Angel - Hannah Diamond

Firefly (Kingdom Edit) - Shygirl
Sweat (SOPHIE Remix) - SONIKKU + LIZ

Super Natural (feat. Carly Rae Jepsen) - Danny L Harle
Gold Leaf (Supersaw Edit) - A. G. Cook

cantbreathe (TUNA DISPLAY cuteuphoria remix) - diana starshine
crowd (umru remix) - Sophie Cates

Kiss (feat. Hannah Diamond) - Himera

100 wreks #50

Thanks for tuning in to the 50th episode of 100 wreks! It has been my pleasure to bring you a weekly dose of hyperpop! Thank you all for listening, and I’m looking forward to the next 50 episodes of 100 wrek! -DJ Snootles

For tonight’s set I played some of 100 wreks’ top hits from over the years, some of my favorite fun and bouncy songs. Here’s the tracklist:

what's known now - gupi
just like you - saoirse dream
c2.0 - Charli XCX

Time - Petal Supply
I'll Text Your Phone - shyburial
LESS4BOUTU (feat. LUCY LOHAN) - 4kmirage (prod. elxnce + kurai)

idea for song - trndytrndy
2MUCH - Petal Supply
armor - kiryano (prod. glumboy + kiryano)

My Longing Pulse - Reserv
Windows - A. G. Cook
crush - Planet 1999

"Everybody's dead!" - underscores
The Flag Is Raised - Bladee + Ecco2k
FARAWAY199X/TAPE 2 - six impala

Wanted - namasenda (prod. Himera)
Frog On The Floor - 100 gecs

100 wreks #49

Tonight's tracklist:
JACK >:3 - Kid Trash
a reason why - Tropes
online [lb66 dnb flip] - sorisu

break u down - dgtl
paranoid (feat. mint) - senses
lovely - mental + blxty

possession - scart + pitfall
say what - emotionals
DESERVED IT - venusiann

the thread that holds me - sprigtek
Blacklight - GTX
soul spa (feat. lau) - Aj simons

I Crave It - orchid
Tennis Court (with OH) - co2

10 percent - fairys
search party - Jane Remover
it's a vicious cycle - Jane Remover

Tagawa 3000 - Golin