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In Mandarin, 涟漪 (lián yī) refers to the delicate water ripples produced by wind, forever spreading outwards. It also describes that skip in your heartbeat when you are moved. In the show Lian Yi, we hope to spread beloved music from the hearts of the Sino diaspora to you. From huge Mandopop hits to hidden indie gems, drop by drop, explore the world of Chinese music.

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涟漪 Lian Yi 11/6/23: My Teenage Playlist

Today’s playlist was inspired by the music I’d listen when I was 12-14 and first getting into Cpop. Some of this music I wouldn’t characterize as my taste now, but we all start somewhere. For me, that was big pop ballads. So let’s take this trip down memory lane! Anything marked with an asterisk * is an unofficial translation by me.

“Like You” by G.E.M., Like You – Single*

“Intoxicated” by G.E.M., Intoxicated

Onion”* by Ping An*, Sky Above City

“Far Away” by Jay Chou ft. Fei Yu-ching, Still Fantasy

“You Are Everywhere” by Jay Chou, Opus 12

“You Exist In My Song” by Wanting, Everything In the World

”Those Bygone Years” by Hu Xia, Flame of Love

“Twilight” by JJ Lin, From M.E. to Myself

“Sweet” by Jay Chou, On the Run

“A Little Happiness” by Hebe Tien, Our Times Original Soundtrack*

“Practise Book for Youth” by TFBOYS, Manual of Youth

《喜欢你》邓紫棋, 《喜欢你 – Single》专辑



《千里之外》周杰伦 & 费玉清,《依然范特西》专辑


《我的歌声里》曲婉婷,《Everything In the World》专辑





《青春修炼手册》TFBOYS, 《青春修炼手册》EP

涟漪 Lian Yi 10/30/23: Abolish Boring Ballads 2

We’re back with fun fresh Cpop! This time, we’ve got a bit of an indie kick. As always, unofficial translations are marked with *.


“Mr. Almost” by MC HotDog, Mr. Almost

“Ocean” by Cosmos People, The Moment

”Happy Are Those in Love” by Shirley Kwan, Happy Are Those in Love

“Fairytale World”* by Sue, Fairytale World*

“Mark Twain”* by Amazing Show, Multicolor Baoshan King

“Zombie King”* by Amazing Show, Multicolor Baoshan King

“Set Me Free” by FloruitShow, What Can I Use to Keep You

“The Natural Chill of Tranquility”* by FloruitShow, What Can I Use to Keep You

“Summer Night Wind”* by Mango Jump, Shin Formosa Youth

“Night life.Take us to the light” by Accusefive, Night life.Take us to the light

“A Road of Flowers”* by Yixin Wen, A Road of Flowers









《夏夜晚风》芒果酱,《新 宝岛少年?》





涟漪 10/23/23: My Favorite Chinese Album

Do you have an album that you love so much, but you rarely listen to because you know you’ll end up listening to the whole thing? That’s how I feel about Li Jian’s self titled 6th album from 2015. The songs in this album don’t have official translations, but here are the unofficial translations of the songs I played on air this week:


1: Searching Deep Seas

2: Beautiful As the Dawn

3: Before Sunset

4: Boat on the Ocean

5: First Sun After Rain

6: Secret Essences

7: Fog

8: Windy Dusk

9: Disappearing Moonlight

10: The Classic (a cover)












涟漪 10/2/2023: Abolish Boring Ballads

Today I’ve got some fresh tracks to spice up your listening! This is the first of a new series I’m doing called Abolish Boring Ballads, where I share Chinese language tracks that aren’t the boring ballads that tend to rise to the top of the charts. As usual, an asterisk denotes an unofficial English translation.

“Stillness” by Naiwen Yang, SILENCE

“i wanna tell u” by Lexie Liu, The Happy Star

“Moonlight – Single Version” by I’mdifficult, Moonlight

“King of the Universe”* by RubberBand, King of the Universe*

“Lightly” by Eason Chan, Lightly

“Getting Warmer” by TNT, Getting Warmer

“In Your Rice Shop — Live” by Zhang Weiwei and Xiao He, Folk 2022 Episode 1

“Want to Go to the Beach”* by Summer Invasion Program*, Want to Go to the Beach*

“No One Cares About What You Care About”* by Then I Understand What You Mean*, No One Cares About What You Care About”*

“Three Kingdom Love” by TANK, Fighting !

”Accidentally in Love” by Sweet John ft. Waa Wei, In Mind

“Bungee Love” by Panther Chan, Bungee Love

“静止“ 杨乃文,《SILENCE》

”i wanna tell u” 刘柏辛, 《The Happy Star》

“Moonlight” 我是机车少女,《Moonlight》

”宇宙之王“ RubberBand, 《宇宙之王》

“尘大师” 陈奕迅,《尘大师》

“渐暖” 时代少年团,《渐暖》

“米店 – 现场” 张玮玮 和 小河,《我们民谣2022第一集》

“想去海边” 夏日入侵企画,《想去海边》

“没有人在乎你在乎的事” 那我懂你的意思了,《没有人在乎你在乎的事》

”三国恋“ 吕建忠,《Fighting!生存之道》

”不小心爱上你“ Sweet John ft. 魏如萱(xuan),《In Mind》

”伸缩自如的爱“ 陈蕾,《伸缩自如的爱》


涟漪 9/18/2023: Autumn Stories by Sodagreen

Today we listened to the concept album Autumn: Stories by Sodagreen! Here’s the tracklist:


The Story

Starting with a Fallen Leaf


When I’m Alone

I Miss You So


Idle Wings

Sunny Everyday


After Saying Goodbye

Met Again


The Gleaners

The Last One Who Live in Your Heart

Little Star