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100 wreks #50

Thanks for tuning in to the 50th episode of 100 wreks! It has been my pleasure to bring you a weekly dose of hyperpop! Thank you all for listening, and I’m looking forward to the next 50 episodes of 100 wrek! -DJ Snootles

For tonight’s set I played some of 100 wreks’ top hits from over the years, some of my favorite fun and bouncy songs. Here’s the tracklist:

what's known now - gupi
just like you - saoirse dream
c2.0 - Charli XCX

Time - Petal Supply
I'll Text Your Phone - shyburial
LESS4BOUTU (feat. LUCY LOHAN) - 4kmirage (prod. elxnce + kurai)

idea for song - trndytrndy
2MUCH - Petal Supply
armor - kiryano (prod. glumboy + kiryano)

My Longing Pulse - Reserv
Windows - A. G. Cook
crush - Planet 1999

"Everybody's dead!" - underscores
The Flag Is Raised - Bladee + Ecco2k
FARAWAY199X/TAPE 2 - six impala

Wanted - namasenda (prod. Himera)
Frog On The Floor - 100 gecs