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The Much Ballyhooed Return of the E-Boogie Blog!!

Well it’s been a while, folks. 4+ years to be not much more exact. I’m resurrecting this blog for the people because so many (read: zero) have requested its return. And trust me, I’m not trying to tie this in with the recent Easter Sunday, either.

Since our last post, we’ve seen a lot change in the world of funk, soul, jazz, r+b, hip-hop, and blues and not to mention this little window we call the Internet. Social media has taken over people’s lives so much to the fact that we don’t even need professional news outlets, let alone blogs, to tell us what to think. In steps the Electric Boogaloo! Always a few years late to the technology party, we hope to not tell you what to think. Rather, we will tell you what we think about what is going on in Atlanta and the world, in particular, in soul music. That way, you can form your own opinions and biases against our own. So there it is. Our re-mission statement. Er, statements.

Anyway, we’ll have a guest in studio for this week’s show, The Funky Fiasco. They’ll be talking about and giving away some passes to their upcoming gig at the Funko de Mayo, going on May 5, at The Five Spot. We’ll also tell you What’s Up With What’s Going Down, our weekly calendar of the stone grooves to check out in and around the city of Atlanta.

So, while the blog may have been on hiatus, you could always (and still can) check us out live each and every Thursday at 91.1 fm in Atlanta, or streaming live, worldwide, at WREK.org. And if you ever miss the show, you can pick up a stream of the latest episode from right here. We look forward to serving you and hope not to burn out too quickly this time around!!