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Georgia Soul Council’s Back!

Before we get into the GSC, the Treacherous one was on hand this past Thursday when yours truly couldn’t be. And, of course, you listeners were in good hands. He laid it down like a baby after a feeding with some delectable tunes, both old and new. Check out the stream if you missed it or, understandably, need it again (link is replaced @ 2300hrs 09/01/11).

Playlist for 8/25/11:
Artist – Title

  • The Final Solution – No Place to Run
  • Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings – Nobody’s Baby
  • Rebirth Brass Band – Ya Move Ya Lose
  • Eddie Hazel – Relic Delic
  • Marvin Gaye – A Space Reincarnation
  • Material – Cosmic Slop
  • Billy Cobham – On A Natural High
  • Lenny White – Mating Drive
  • Femi Kuti – Tell Me
  • Johnny Guitar Watson – Tarzan

— playlist posted live on Twitter.

Here’s a little video of the Georgia Soul Council, back in effect and playing gigs with fair regularity. You know their members from Entropy, Cherry Royale, Uncle Joe’s Medicine Show, among others. This is a sampling of their version of the Sly Stone tune “If You Want Me to Stay” from their gig at Bhojanic, Wednesday 8/24/11:

If you missed the Bhojanic gig, or just want to see the GSC, check our What’s Up with What’s Going Down list below. Tons of great shows on the horizon, including the second Etowah River Festival of the year. This time, the autumn edition hopes to have things a little cooler (in the literal sense). Here’s what else is up for the coming weeks:

The Masquerade website informs that they have a special ‘2-day funk pass’ for the Dumpstaphunk/NMS shows on 11/10-11/11 for only $22. That is one funkin good deal if you plan on seeing both shows, which I’d recommend. That’s all for now.

Stay tuned, as always, for infrequent updates…

Playlist for Friday, August 26th (“Clough Commons”)

Clip from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Intro: “Friction” by Television

“It’s The New Thing” by The Fall

Interview with Catherine Murray-Rust (Dean of Georgia Tech Libraries)

File this set under BF408:
“Killa Hill” by Wugazi
“We Can Get Together” by The Hold Steady

Interview with Terrance Hines (Georgia Tech staff)

File this set under LB1031.4:
“Help Help” by Mates of State
“Answers and Questions” by Earlimart

Interview with Perry Shuman and Alexandra Low (Georgia Tech students)

File this set under HC79.5 .E5:
“Teeth in the Grass” by Iron & Wine
“I Am A Tree” by Guided By Voices

Outro: “Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring” by Traffic

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End of an Era Monday

If you’ve listened at all to 88.5’s Soul Kitchen or been to any gig where funk music is being played in the past 10 or so years, you’re probably familiar with one (DJ Dr.) Adam Bomb. Well apparently Ga. State has allowed him to graduate which means his reign of terror at Album coming to a close. Check out his final shift on Monday August 15 which begins at 6pm with 2 hours of rotation and culminates in the final culinary explosion you’ve come to expect when the Bomb’s in the Kitchen Mondays from 8 to 10. Again, this isn’t the end of the Soul Kitchen, just Adam Bomb’s legacy there.

Yeah, yeah, this is the infrequently updated blog of the Electric Boogaloo, but we are benevolent with our brothers in funk. I know it’s been a while, and I’m gonna quit promising to update this more often, so just deal with it and stay funky. You can always get our playlist fresh out of the oven on twitter, but here’s what we dropped last week. Ride the wave here.

Playlist for 08.11.11:
Artist – Title
Funkadelic – I Got a Thing
Booker T & the MGs – Mo’ Onions
Jackson 5 – Pride and Joy
Ohio Players – Walt’s First Trip
Mandrill – Positive Thing +
Tower of Power – What is Hip?
Al Kooper and Shuggie Otis – One Room Country Shack
JD and Evil’s Dynamite Band – Everglades
Fantastic Four – Sexy Lady
Bar Kays – Son of Shaft (live)
Material – Let Me Have it All
Calypso King and the Soul Investigators – Gator Funk