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Kosher Noise Playlist 10/31/11

  • Poppin Proverbs    5:37    Matt Bar    The Bible Raps Project
  • Ascension    7:29    O’Brother    O’Brother – The Death Of Day
  • Fred the Tzadik    3:48    Abraham Inc.    Tweet-Tweet
  • Snow/Scorpions And Spiders      4:12    Girls In Trouble    Girls In Trouble
  • Immigrant Song Remixed by Yuriy Gurzhy    3:02    Amsterdam Klezmer Band    Remixed
  • Im Ninalu    5:04    Jaffa Road    Sun Place
  • Ani, Ata Vehoo    5:04    The Apples    Kings
  • Anim Zemiros    3:48    The Sway Machinery    Hidden Melodies Revealed
  • Mikol Ha’ahvot (Of All the Loves) – מכל האהבות    4:22    The Idan Raichel Project – הפרוייקט של עידן רייכל    Mima’amakim (Out of the Depths) – ממעמקים
  • Freha    4:33    Axum    Axum
  • Ishah Kina’anit (Canaanite Woman) – אישה כנענית    3:22    Beit Habubot (Dollhouse) – בית הבובות    Madafim (Shelves) – מדפים
  • Adir Adirim (Featuring Victoria Hanna)    5:20    Balkan Beat Box    Balkan Beat Box

50LBS Rice: October 31, 2011

Here is the set list for tonight’s show:

  1. 夜访吸血鬼Visiting Vampires at Night by 五月天May Day off 后青春期的诗
  2.  惊叹号Exclamation Point by 周杰伦JayZhou off 惊叹号Exclamation Point
  3. 千年缘Thousand-year Fate by 心然Xin Ran off Chinese Paladin4 Soundtrack
  4. 暗流Underneath by 尚雯婕Wenjie Shang
  5. 偷偷的爱Secret Love by 丁当&严爵 off TV Series Ring the Door Bell Twice if You Mean it.
  6. 给朋友的话A Few Words to Friends by 张栋梁Dongliang Zhang
  7. 蓝眼睛Blue Eyes  by 张韶涵&苏打绿Soda Green off (unknown album)
  8. 当你孤单你会想起谁Who Would You Think of When You’re Lonely by 张栋梁Dongliang Zhang
  9. 窃听虫The Bug by 王若琳Ruolin Wang off 博尼的大冒险Bonnie‘s Adventure
  10. 不睡觉Don‘t Wanna Sleep by 弦子 Xuan Zi
  11. 女人帮Nv Ren Bang by 江映蓉Yingrong Jiang
  12. Moon River by Lisa Ono
  13. 画心Draw Heart by 张靓颖Liangying Zhang

Sunday Special: Meme Show!

Today’s Sunday Special is our 2nd annual MEME SHOW! In this show, we have all the awesome meme’s on the internet that have filled our lives.

Your hosts for this show are Dnaiel, Kelly, Ky, April and Ian!

Nyan Cat on the studio window, drawn by April!

You can find any of these songs by searching them on YouTube!

nyan cat
double rainbow
bed intruder
psychosocial baby

smooth jazz nyan cat
leek spin loituma techno
you are a pirate

i’m a bannana
peaunut butter jelly time
get pitted
numa numa
all your base

[1940] – mexican nyan cat
rick roll
old spice remix
can’t tase this
charlie bit me

charlie sheen winning
gunther ding dong song
badgers badgers
end of ze world

im jipper
what what in the butt

THe GTG’s – M-Train
combination pizza hut & taco bell
chocolate rain

gay bar
basshunter dota
goat sing with usher
the duck song
get on my horse


Mode 7 for 10/31

Hmm… wish I had some Halloween game music..

Segment 1:
StarCraft – Terran 1
Deus Ex HR – Sarif HQ Ambient
Deus Ex HR – Sarif HQ Stress

Segment 2:
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – Lost Woods Dubstep Remix (remix by Ephixa)
Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask – Healing Majora (remix by C7)
Unreal 2 – Hazardous Waters

Segment 3:
MegaMan 2 Remix by The Adventures of Duane and BrandO
Half Life 2 – Song 16
System Shock 2 – Command 2

Segment 4:
StarFox – Space Cowboys (remix by bLiNd)
Mass Effect 2 – Jack (loyalty mission)
KOTOR 2 – Peragus Action

Let’s Talk Business airs today at 12noon with entrepreneurs Shep Hyken and Mo Siegel, founder of Celestial Seasonings

Join Mitch Schlimer today at 12 noon-1PM for “Let’s Talk Business” where his featured guests are entrepreneur, author and Hall of Fame speaker Shep Hyken. After Shep is Mo Siegel, an extraordinary entrepreneur and the man behind creating the “herbal tea industry” when in 1970 at the age of 20 Mo Co- founded Celestial Seasonings which does over 100M today. Two wonderful entrepreneurs you are sure to learn a lot from when you listen to “Let’s Talk Business” right here on WREK.