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Sub-Saharan Vibes – March 31, 2014

Artist                                                                          Song

  1. Fatoumata Diawara                                     Bissa
  2. Mamadou Kelly                                            Bandiagara
  3. Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba                   Djade
  4. Hallelujah Chicken Run Band                      Tinokumbira Kuziva
  5. Johnny Clegg & Savuka                               I Call Your Name
  6. Johnny Clegg                                               Interview Pt 3
  7. Cheikh Mohamed Riffi                                 Mr. M’Bark
  8. Bombino                                                       Imuhar
  9. King Sunny Ade                                           John Ali
  10. Lucky Dube                                                  Don’t Cry
  11. Johnny Clegg & Juluka                                Impi
  12. Miriam Makeba                                            Into Yam
  13. Emmanuel Jal                                             Wanekulu

Shillelagh Law – March 31, 2014

  • Port Lairge – Spailpin
  • Barnyards of Delgaty – Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem
  • Lord of the Dance – Dubliners
  • Mountain Dew – Dubliners and Pogues
  • The Band Played Waltzing Mathilda – Pogues
  • A Bhean Udai Thall – Altan
  • Bean Phaidin – Lasairfhiona Ni Chonaola
  • Botany Bay – Blaggards
  • Lisdoonvarna – Christy Moore
  • The Rocks of Bawn – Arcady
  • The Sally Gardens – Arcady
  • Step It Out Mary – The Irish Descendants

Mode 7 – All The Listener Requests!!!

Segment 1 – DJ TK Mix

Double Dragon Neon – Mango Tango
Kid Icarus Uprising – In the Spice-Pirate Ship
Guacamelee – Boss Theme (Chiptune Mix)
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door – Rogueport’s Underground City

Segment 2 – Listener Requests by the Hundreds(dramatic representation)

Final Fantasy 10 – Luca (Requested)
Starfox Adventures – Thorntail Hollow (Requested)
Crash Bandicoot 2 – Warp Room (Requested)
Odin Sphere – The Ruined Landscape of Nations at War (Requested)

Segment 3 – More of Mine

Sonic Adventure – Crank the Heat Up!!
Pineapple Smash Crew – Fire in Your Hole
Mega Man X – Armored Armadillo Theme
Mega Man X – Password Screen

Segment 4 – Even More Requests!

Pokemon RBY – Mother’s Lullaby (Requested) (remix by Trickywi)
Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon – Guide you Home (Requested)
.hack//G.U – Dead World of Indieglut Lugh (Requested)
Ocarina of Time – Spirit Temple (Requested)

Back Alley Pork Roost – 3/30/2014

  • Seven Handle Circus – “Walking Through The Wilderness”
  • Nickel Creek – “The Fox”
  • Nickel Creek – “Why Should The Fire Die?”
  • Punch Brothers – “Rye Whiskey”
  • Nickel Creek – “Destination”
  • Doc Watson – “Brown’s Fairy Blues” (Music Bed)
  • Doc Watson – “The Wreck of the 1262”
  • The Sauceman Brothers – “Hallelujah (We Shall Rise)”
  • The Sauceman Brothers – “Pretty Polly”
  • Snuffy Jenkins and Pappy Sherrill – “Milk Cow Blues”
  • Snuffy Jenkins and Pappy Sherrill – “Fifty Years Ago Waltz”
  • Railroad Earth – “Been Down This Road Before”
  • Joy Killsorrow – “Was it You”
  • Mandolin Orange – “Haste Make”
  • Sarah Jarosz – “Build Me Up from Bones”

WREK to carry Sunbelt League Baseball

Lawrenceville, Ga. – The 2014 Sunbelt Summer Season will see and more appropriately hear Sunbelt Summer Baseball on the air for the first time on a regular basis.  The inaugural season of the Sunbelt League Radio Network will put approximately 80 of the 95 regular season games, along with all of the playoff games in 2014.  Sunbelt Games online, and can be found on the Sunbelt League’s website,www.sunbeltleague.com.

The Sunbelt League will three play-by-play voices calling the majority of the games.  Colin Lacy, Voice of the Douglasville Bulls, joined the Sunbelt League team last season as Sports Information Director for the league and specifically the Bulls, and will follow the Bulls all season long at Norton Field and on the road for the entirety of the 2014 season.  Wiley Ballard, Voice of the Berkeley Lake Tides, is entering his third season with the Sunbelt League, and has been the Sports Information Director for the League for the past 2 seasons. Colin and Wiley also called the Sunbelt Game of the Week on 91.1 WREK last season.  The third voice on the air will be the Voice of the Atlanta Crackers, and the Windward Braves, John Morgo.  Morgo has been affiliated with the Sunbelt League for the past few seasons calling select Sunbelt action on iHigh Sports, and will be calling all of the action from Norcross High School (home of the Crackers and the Braves), and select road games for the 2014 Sunbelt season.  The Sunbelt League Radio Network will also feature a flurry of color analysts in 2014.

“We are very excited with the development of the Sunbelt League Radio Network. The SLRN will provide nightly broadcast that will enhance the growth of the Sunbelt League and provide entertainment to our fans,” says Vice President of the Sunbelt League, Todd Pratt.  “The Sunbelt League Radio Network will also provide an advertisement outlet for our sponsors to inform the public on their services or products.”

The Sunbelt Baseball League will also continue the partnership with 91.1 WREK-Atlanta with a select broadcast schedule of Sunbelt games this season.  The WREK broadcast will be a simulcast (same audio as) the Sunbelt League Radio Network’s call of the action.

A full broadcast schedule will be released as the 2014 season nears.

The Sunbelt Summer Baseball League has been providing premier summer baseball for the Southeast since 2005.  For everything around the Sunbelt League go online to sunbeltleague.com for news, scores, broadcast information, and much more and on Facebook and Twitter @sunbeltbaseball.