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Goldsoundz – January 31st, 2017

Von Sell – “I Insist”
WATERBED – “sweet n sour”
Allison Crutchfield – “Dean’s Room”

Living – “Risen”
Vagabon – “Minneapolis”
Cloud Nothings – “Darkened Rings”

The New Pornographers – “High Ticket Attractions”
Swim Team – “Blinkers”
Ballet School – “Crush”
Ablebody – “Gaucho”

Morningbell – “We Have Eyes As Well As Ears”
Hot Flash Heat Wave – “Gutter Girl”
Mrs. Magician – “Nightlife”
Iron and Wine – “Morning”

Sleeping at Last – “Taste”

Slow Riot 1/30/17: we live with our mistakes. not by them.

artist — track
k.c. accidental — ruined in 84
bloemfontein — third sun
fly pan am — L’espace au sol est redessiné par d’immenses panneaux bleus
a northern chorus — this open heart
big brave — look at how the world has made a change

verse metrics — my name is dr hildegarde lanstrom and i am quite, quite, mad
holy fuck — the pulse
cloudkicker — fade
a sudden burst of colour — blind obedience
yndi halda — illuminate my heart, my darling
a silver mt. zion — ring them bells (freesom has come and gone)

54-46 playlist 1/30

Sister Nancy – Bam Bam
Bunny Wailer – Dream Land
Scientist – Right Cross
Max Romeo – Nice n Easy

The English Beat – Rotating Heads
Les Enfants de St. Gall – Mexico
Pablo Moses – I Want to be With You
Gregory Isaacs – Border

Bill Laswell – Space-Time Paradox
Hempress Sativa – Rock it Inna Dance
General Levy – International Official Jungle Remix
Black Uhuru – Who’s in the Tomb

Yellow Man – Operation Eradication
Rockers Almighty – Rockers Almighty Dub


Mode 7 – 01/29/2017

The Roommate Show

Brian is lazy and forces his roommates to make his show for him today. (He actually is just showing the abstract concept of themes to the new hosts… who weren’t there.)

The Playlist!

Severed – Home Revisited [Exploration]
Final Fantasy XV – Stand By Me
Batman Arkham City – Main Theme
Gravity Rush – Discovery of Gravitation
MURDER TYP0 – Fracture

Borderlands 2 – Ice
Final Fantasy 11 – Vana’Diel March
WORLD END ECONOMiCA episode.01 – Opening
Katawa Shoujo – Wiosna
Kindred Spirits on the Roof – My Territory
Analog: A Hate Story – Reactor

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – Lanayru Desert (Past)
Portal 2 – Wheatley Science
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game – The Dark One
Pokemon Gangsta Rap – Dave Oster
Legend of Zelda – Song of Time (Orchestral) – OminousVoice
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess – Mountain Dwelling Goron Tribe

Undertale – Core
Yu-Gi-Oh: The Eternal Duelist Soul – vs. Yami Yugi
Naruhodo Ryuunosuke: Dai Gyakuten Saiban – Objection
Mega Man Network Transmission – Vs. Zero
Under Night In-Birth – Purity & Strictly

The Desoto Hour 1/28/17

Image result for cole porter

What’s shakin’ at the studio?

Cole Porter – Delightful, Delicious, De-lovely

  1. “From This Moment On” – Doris Day
  2. “Ca C’est l’Amour” – Tony Bennett
  3. “Begin the Beguine” – Tony Martin
  4. “You’re the Top” – Ethel Merman
  5. “My Heart Belongs to Daddy” – Les and Larry Elgart

Benny Goodman – All-Time Greatest Hits

  1. “Let’s Dance”
  2. “Avalon”
  3. “Stompin’ at the Savoy”
  4. “Body and Soul”
  5. “One o’ Clock Jump”

Frankie Carle and His Orchestra, 1944-46

  1. “Semper Fidelis”
  2. “The Trolley Song”
  3. “Stars in Your Eyes”
  4. “A Little Consideration”
  5. “I’d Rather Be Me”
  6. “Whistler’s Mother-in-Law”

Bebop Revisited, Vol. 3

    All tracks by Sam Most.

  1. “Scroobydoo”
  2. “I Hear a Rhapsody”
  3. “The Night We Called It a Day”
  4. “A Cuss Called Coss”
  5. “Eullalia”
  6. “Notes to You”
  7. “There Will Never Be Another You”

Chicago Dixieland in the Forties

    All tracks by the Richard M. Jones Jazzmen.

  1. “29th & Dearborn”
  2. “New Orleans Hop Scop Blues”
  3. “Jazzin’ Babies Blues”
  4. “Canal Street Blues”

Red Nichols – Hot Pennies

  1. “Louisiana”
  2. “Mood Indigo”
  3. “Maple Leaf Rag”
  4. “Peg o’ My Heart”