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Crush #18 – The Battle of Sealand

Airiel – Introduction
Here – For My Star
Sore Eyelids – I Wish I Could Believin’ You
Daniel Land and the Modern Painters – Benjamin’s Room
Spotlight Kid – Haunting Me
The Dead Mantra – 1996
People of Nothing – My Stain
FUTURE – Prisms
Maria False – Shoot It
Snow in Mexico – Ride
Lower Heaven – Rain
Lucievacarme – Souffle incandescent

Decompositions 5-31-2017 Subor

We’re back! I figured out automation.


“Scared Song” – Meredith Monk

“Sidewinder” – Morton Subtonick (just a bit of it)

“The Piano Concerto” – Michael Nyman

“Des canyons aux étoiles” – Oliver Messiaen

Girl Rock – May 30th, 2017

Parlour Tricks – Belle Gunness

Mean Lady – Lonely
Melt – Sour Candy
M&O – Ars Poetica

Oh Pep! – Wanting
HEARTWATCH – Faultlines
And the Kids – Wiser

Melody’s Echo Chamber – Quand Vas Tu Rentrer
The Julie Ruin – I’m Done

Kate Bush – Pull Out the Pin
Ludus – My Cherry is In Sherry
Janelle Monae – Cold War

Electric Citizen – Magnetic Man
Marnie Stern – This American Life
Angel Olsen – Sweet Dreams

Goldsoundz – May 30th, 2017

Netherfriends – “I Love You So Much”
ANIMA! – “Blood”
Yellow House – “It Feels The Same Everyday”

Bones & Beeker – “Each Time I Die”
No Vacation – “Yam Yam”
Halfnoise – “Someday”

Seramic – “I Got You”
De Staat – “Baby”
Joywave – “It’s A Trip”

Pace – “Through Your Fingers”
Taylor Knox – “Running Into Love”
Cuesta Loeb – “Grass It Grows”

Zach Schimpf – “The Future Is Shiny”
Todavia – “Fallen”
New Shack – “Blue Hot”

slow riot 5/30/2017 – you should probably stay

slow riot, may twenty-ninth, two-thousand and seventeen

daturah -hybrisma
ef – hello scotland
september malevolence – on our own
the pirate ship quintet – you’re next
you.may.die.in.the.desert – can i get more steel in my moniters?
saxon shore – isolated by the secrets of your fellow men
saxon shore – how we conquered the western world on horseback
parachute day – you are the daydream
polvo – fast canoe
retrograde motion – peace on the western front
years of rice and salt – carnival
bundy k. brown, doug scharin, james warden – (untitled) 4
chancellors – tempus fugit
explosions in the sky – a poor man’s memory
gwei-lo – cellosong