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Lost In Oscillation: Dark Ambient Special – 8/30/18

on the mixcloud… tracks:

caustic window (aphex twin) – on the romance tip
cabaret du ciel – hanging wave
caroline k – tracking with close-ups
robert turman – thick ice
haus arafna – colony collapse
internazionale – elegy for the victors
spk – invocation (to secular heresies)
nurse with wound – mourning smile
imcp – psychopath gospel
in aeternam vale – on strike

A Bit Off Broadway – August 30th, 2018

Something Rotten – A Musical
A Chorus Line – One
Urinetown – Mr. Cladwell

Cabaret – Don’t Tell Mama
In the Heights – It Won’t Be Long Now
Fun Home – Ring of Keys

Assassins – The Ballad of Booth
Bat Boy – Show You a Thing or Two

Psych-Out! Playlist for August 29, 2018

  1. Les Rallizes Dénudés – People Can Choose (Heavier Than A Death in the Family)
  2. The Red Crayola – Free Form Freak-Out #1/Hurricane Fighter Plane/Free Form Freak-Out #2 (The Parable of Arable Land)
  3. Can – Bring Me Coffee Or Tea (Tago Mago)
  4. Princess Flower & the Moon Rays – Rainbow Forest (Dreaming the Magic of Your Maya)
  5. Gong – Cos You Got Green Hair (Magick Brother)
  6. The United States of America – Coming Down / Love Song for the Dead Che (The United States of America)
  7. Kawabata Makoto – Do You Remember Our Moonshine? (Do You Remember Our Moonshine?)

Sounds of Saturn 23 | August 29th, 2018

Sons of Kemet – My Queen is Harriet Tubman
Djalma Correa, Luiz Alves, Nonato Luiz – Xango (Instrumental)
Melt Yourself Down – Kingdom of Kush
Chick Corea – Quartet 2 Part 2 (dedicated to John Coltrane)
The Poets of Rhythm – More Mess On My Thing

Lil Ugly Mane – On Doing an Evil Deed Blues
Yoran – Montparnasse
Steve Reid – Nova
cLOUDDEAD – And All You Can Do Is Laugh. Pt.2
William S. Fischer – Ruten Ari Nuzu
J-Rocc – untitled 1 (Madlib & J Dilla remix)

Crush #69

Not Drowning, Waving – Another Pond
A Primary Industry – Sans Orange
The Arms of Someone New – A Turner Sky
Vazz – Bleached White Skin
Drowning Pool – Fired From Within
A.C. Marias – Drop
Pale Cocoon – FLALORM

Harold Budd, Elizabeth Fraser, Robin Guthrie, Simon Raymonde – She Will Destroy You
Pink Industry – Don’t Let Go
Theatre of Cyrene – 1’ere Gymnopedie
Tuxedomoon – Egypt
Michael Brook & Pieter Nooten – Time
Duppi – はつねつのみやこ
Albergo Intergalatico Spaziale – Hymalaya