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Sub Saharan Vibes — Feb 28, 2022

  1. Oliver Mtukudzi  —  Dzoka Uyamwe
  2. Sam Fan Thomas  —  Mohe
  3. Angélique  Kidjo  —  Tatchédogbé
  4. Lucky Dube   —  War & Crime
  5. Papa Wemba  —  Destinya Moto
  6. Ahehehinnou Vincent & Orchestre-Poly-Rythmo de Contou Dahomey   &  Egni Miton  —  Nin Mi Na Wa Gbin
  7. Soweto Gospel Choir  —  Shosholoza
  8. Verckys et L’Orchestre Veve  —  Sisa Motema
  9. Tonga Boys  —  Ndipatali
  10. Lucky Dube  —  Peace – Perfect Peace

Album Club #1 – Cocoro

This week was the first week of WREK’s newest initiative, ‘Album Club‘! Every week we pick a new album to listen to together in the station. More information can be found at the #album-club channel in our slack!

For our first pick, we chose ‘Cocoro‘ by Plastic Girl in Closet! The album is described as dream-pop/shoegaze.

Our Thoughts:

  • A lot lighter and playful take on shoegaze, not as grimy and condensed compared to western shoegaze
  • Closer to My Bloody Valentine than other shoegaze bands, specifically Loveless with its glide-guitar
  • Melodies seem to have a J-Pop influence
  • Clear vocals contrast it against other typical shoegaze albums.
  • Lots of abrasive guitar with contrasting breezy vocals
  • ‘Best of both worlds’: pop songwriting and heavy instrumentation tamed by good mixing.
  • Album started out more accessible, slowly evolved and added dissonance and resolutions.

Our Rating: 3.73/5

Cocoro by Plastic Girl in Closet Album Cover

Feb. 15 – 2月15日

Overnight Seaside Hotel - Schoolgirl Byebye

《海邊旅館一夜》Schoolgirl Byebye

《海边旅馆一夜》Schoolgirl Byebye

Died in the 90s - Silly Function

《Died in the 90s》肆意方式

The Train is Heading Out of the Clouds, the Dream Rests in Jiuxiao - Hedgehog

《火車駛向雲外, 夢安魂於九霄》刺猬樂隊

《火車駛向雲外, 夢安魂於九霄》刺猬乐队

Nanhai girl - Man Jiang


Noble - The Old Mog Detective Agency



Last Dance - Sexy Hand



Music My Ass - PigHeadSkin



Half a Heart - Silent Speech



Dedicator - Pliades



Fake Monk - Cui Jian

假行僧 - 崔健

Crush #184 x 100 wreks #11 – Bitcrush

thanks for joining us at the intersection of shoegaze and hyperpop, brought to you by Crush and 100 wreks!
soundcloud playlist and tracklist:

Reality/Dreams (feat. ALIEN DAYS) - Fax Gang
what does this room look like - quannnic
mr. what's-it-to-ya flip - fnafboi48 (Remix of search party by dltzk)

3rd Crush [Crush Resist] - Ecco2k
Strawberry - DOSS
Trouble Making Friends (feat. MINTTT) - Astrophysics

Something I Said? - SKOVAZ
juventa-hyperforms-web EDIT - grrid
i thought i saw (yuurusu.mix) - slowdive

can you tell? - dltzk
Kinko's field trip 2006 - underscores
t gap mind film - TAGABOW

All New Edition - reserv
The Lantern Sways (feat. Digiaches + Tuchscreen) (bean boy Remix) - L.cie
earth (feat. Lucy Lohan) - emotegi

:,) - lilac
I Don't Like U Anymore - FANTASYLUV

Live at WREK – 2/22/22 – Dee Belvedere

Here’s the setlist from tonight’s performance:

  • Farron – “In QSub”
  • Roberta Fleck – “Injury Time”
  • Unknown – “Giralda 003”
  • Bambounou- “Mass”
  • Sedgwick- “Belief System”
  • 95Bones – “Bayonet Cap”
  • Ollie Rant & Takjacob- “Wheel And Kick Up”
  • Sawheadz – “Gimme That Bass”
  • Dee Belvedere – “Skin 2 Skin”
  • Ole Mic Odd – Crystal Drip
  • Kuzma – “smut agenda”
  • MODIG – “Latissimus” (Blawan Remix)
  • Schwefelgelb – “Wie Viel Hault”
  • Animalistic Beliefs – “Toque Mortal”
  • Stemlines-“Feel Like”(Dee Belvedere Remix)
  • Dee Belvedere- “UnEarth”
  • D.Dan – “Covert Operation”
  • 7uka – “MYBIG9”
  • Slim Guerrilla – “DUI”
  • Kamus – “Wallace” (Nikki Nair Remix)
  • Hyroglifics & Sinistarr – “BS6”
  • Zuli – “Tany”
  • Metafloor – “Slob”
  • Katatonic Silentio – “Prisoner Of The Self” (Stenny Remix)
  • Joy Orbison – “rraine”
  • Deftones – “Digital Bath” (Telefon Tel Aviv Version)

Feel free to check out their music below!

Bandcamp: VLSC Records

Soundcloud: VLSC Records

Instagrams: @hooch_boi_steez (Dee Belvedere) and @vlscrecords

Links: VLSC Records

Will be posting the recorded set on YouTube soon!