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Tokyo Dreams – 1/31/23

Yoi Toki: A Future Funk/Vaperwave Party [L.A. Debut] at 1720, Los Angeles

This week we’ll be running our first montly special of the year, exploring the Future Funk genre. So kick back, relax, and enjoy some funky grooves.


Night Tempo; Anri | Remember Summer Days (Night Tempo Showa Groove Mix)
Fujifire | Sunset Drive
Cape Coral | Fuel injection
Desired | Emotions
Macross 82-99 | 『82.99 F.M』
Macross 82-99 | Fun Tonight
Yung Bae; Macross 82-99 | Welcome to the Disco
Yung Bae; Macross 82-99 | Yebisu – Yung Bae Edit
Yung Bae | Fly With Me
Macross 82-99 | Horsey
Future Girlfriend Music | Crazy Nights
Night Tempo; Anri | LOVE IS A TWO WAY STREET -近未来の感動- (Night Tempo Showa Groove Mix)
architecture in tokyo; Macross 82-99 | City Nightlife – Original Mix
Night Tempo | Usagi Funk
Desired; ConsciousThoughts | Never Fall in Love Again
Macross 82-99 | Perfect Blue
FIBRE | Virtual World
AnTgry | Palm Road
Amherst | Pop Rocks
Yung Bae | I Want Cha Back

surf grock! 1/31/23

Today girl rock!’s hit crew brings you the crimson wave of surf rock. Playlist here, picks below:

Floating Features | La Luz

Magneto // Messer Chups
Tsunami Tsurprise // The Space Cossacks
Mon autre // Juniore
Cacti for Clothes // Pageants

Comin’ Home Baby // The Delmonas
Morning Terrors Nights of Dread // Shilpa Ray
Don’t Leave Me on the Earth // La Luz
Strange // Zombierella

666 // Sugar Candy Mountain
I Follow You // Melody’s Echo Chamber
Real Boy // La Sera
I Got the Moves // Habibi

Mrs. Moto // The Surfrajettes
Conquistador // Guantanamo Baywatch
Ozma // Shannon & The Clams
The Barracuda // The’s

Migas 2000 // The Liminanas
In The Sink // Plumtree

Crush #205: mysterious forest

tonight we made a playlist inspired by the feeling of walking through a forest late at night <3

Image result for twin peaks forest | Twin peaks, Nature, Natural landmarks

playlist (and spotify link):

hair shoes demo – pale saints

primal – slowdive

watashi no aishita manatsu no shinigami – my dead girlfriend

windswept reprise – johnny jewel

sound inside me, waves inside you – parannoul

night is young – yuragi

always then – the kvb

strawberry cream – oeil

snowstorm – galaxie 500

alien observer – grouper

kissing can wait

waiting for the end – tears run rings

all in your head – secret shine

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meltdown – Bowery Electric – 1/30/2023

trip hop + shoegaze heroin music for heroin and heroin-related activities 

Lost In Oscillation – 1/28/2023

Autumn – Behind You
Stephen Huss – Appendage
Stratis – Humanly Possible
Bandaly Family – Yemken
Pink Industry – Bound By Silence
Five Times Of Dust – Life’s A Killer Pt. 1 and Pt. 2
End Of Your Garden – Don’t Walk Away In Silence
Homage a Brinkman – Franzosisch
Furniture – Throw Away The Script
SPK – Crime of Passion
Mentalinstrum Presents Colonel Abrams – Who Do You Love? (Shelter Mix)
The New Occupants – Blue Light (Dance Mix)
Life Force – Invitation
Front And Fantasy – Treatment
Stereo – The Devil’s Answer
Tribal Earth – Who You Are (In the Movies)
Electric Party – Caribe
Art Fact – I’m Here
Final Program – Videomatic
Dislocation Dance – Show Me – 12”
Carol – Breakdown
Tullio De Piscopo – Stop Bajon