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Goldsoundz Playlist 28 February 2012

Kurt Vile – “Baby’s Arms”
Memoryhouse – “Bonfire”
Tennis – “Petition”
Ty Segall – “Imaginary Person”

Patrick Wolf – “Together”
Zoo Kid – “Out Getting Ribs”
Joanna Newsom – “Does Not Suffice”

Fanfarlo- “I’m A Pilot”
School of Seven Bells- “Love Play”
God Help The Girl- “Perfection As A Hipster”

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart-“Young Adult Friction”
Emmy The Great-“Bad Things Coming, We Are Safe”

Jens Lekman-“The Opposite of Hallelujah”

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Continental Drift for February 27, 2012 — Greece

Officially the Hellenic Republic, Greece serves up the perfect Mediterranean climate for tonight’s episode! With the roots of modern democracy, philosophy, and much more stemming from here, we owe a lot of our modern thoughts and practices to this great country. Take a listen!

You can listen to the world on Continental Drift! Every Monday night from 10 PM until midnight Eastern Time. The playlist for this episode is below.

01) “I. suite of Greek folk dances (Sirtos – Pentozali)” — Communal orchestra of Athens
02) “Thermastis” — Yiorgos Batis
03) “Me Glyko Hasisi” — D Gongos
04) “Ithela Na’ Moun Iraklis” — Nikos Vrachnas
05) “II. suite of Greek folk dances (Dance of Thessaly)” — Communal orchestra of Athens
06) “I Moni Mou Parigoria” — Stellios Keromytis
07) “Pentozalis” — Nikos Saridakis
08) “Sta heria sou meghalosan” — Communal orchestra of Athens
09) “Manges Piaste Ta Vouna” — EF. Payioumidzis
10) “Markos’ memories” — Communal orchestra of Athens
11) “Syrtos Mesklianos” — Tzinevrakis
12) “Suite of folk songs of Moreas” — Communal orchestra of Athens
13) “Ouzak To Tragoudhi Tis Xentias” — Efstratios Payioumidzis
14) “Pentozali Irakliotiko” — Eleftherios Antonogiorgakis
15) “Tsamikos horos – Pera stous pera kampous” — Communal orchestra of Athens
16) “San Isa Mangas Ke Dais” — M Vamvakaris Rita Abadzi
17) “Mou Boyiatismeni” — Yiorgos Batisvarka
18) “Sousta Of Rethymno – Sousta Rethimniotiki” — Harhalis
19) “Gia Mia Gyneka” — Sofia Vembo
20) “Tonight You Explode: Apopse Kaneis Bam” — Sotiria Bellou et al.
21) “Kokkina Fanaria” — Sofia Vembo
22) “The Crawfish: Ta Kavourakia” — Sotiria Bellou et al.
23) “Dili Dili Dili” — Mariza Koch
24) “Open Up: Anoixe Anoixe” — Sotiria Bellou, Stellakis
25) “To Kokkaraki” — Mariza Koch
26) “Girizo Tis Plates Mou Sto Mellon” — Haris & Panos Katsimihas

Kosher Noise Playlist 2/27/12

  • A Staff of Strength in the Hands of the Righteous    4:30    The Sway Machinery    Hidden Melodies Revealed
  • Yalla    3:35    Ishtar    The Voice Of Alabina
  • Still Lamplightin’    5:02    Prodezra Beats    Connection Revealed
  • Mi im lo elohim    2:45    Hashlosharim    Hashlosharim
  • Mi’Ma’amakim (Out of the Depths) – ממעמקים    5:12    The Idan Raichel Project – הפרוייקט של עידן רייכל    Habaitah Haloch Chazor (Traveling Home) – הביתה הלוך חזור
  • Tikkun Klali # 10 (diwon dancedancetantz remix)    3:59    Diwon Vs. Erez Yechiel    Shemspeed Remixes Vol. 1
  • Be-Safsai Mul Ha-Agam – בספסל מול האגם    4:09    Mashina (Machine)    G’virotai v’Rabotai (Ladies and Gentlemen): Mashina
  • Eize Yom Yafe Bachutz (Pretty Day Outside) – איזה יום יפה בחוץ    4:17    Beit Habubot (Dollhouse) – בית הבובות    B’chol Hadrachim (Crossways) – בכל הדרכים
  • Rahelika Baila    2:18    DeLeon    DeLeon
  • Wals With Matilda    5:17    Fortis    Fourtis Cheharov
  • Lehithalek Ba’Ir (To Slide in the City) – להתחלק בעיר    4:22    Hadag Nachash (The Fish Snake) – הדג נחש    Be’ezrat Ha’Jam (G-d Willing) – בעזרת הג’אם
  • I Am In Love    2:49    Haparvarim    The First 30 Years
  • Spain    5:24    Ivri Lider – עברי לידר    The New People
  • Sfarad    3:31    Shir Appeal    Zoozin’

50 LBS of Rice 02/28/2012

Here are the songs for tonight’s show:

  1. No Fear by Xuan Zi
  2. Hope by NaYing & Exile
  3. Strange Temper by Mingfei Wang
  4. Dusk by MengNan
  5. Mido Mountain by Yo-Yo Ma
  6. The Chairman’s Waltz by John Williams
  7. One More Cup by PingGuan
  8. We Together by JJ Lin
  9. Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Donglihuoche
  10. Uku by Dengue Fever off Cannibal Courtship
  11. Unknown name Vietnamese Song
  12. A Little bit Light by Yonglin Tan
  13. Da Guo Tian by Twins

Listen to “Let’s Talk Business” with entrepreneurs Dr. John Izzo and Jim Herrera

Listen to “Let’s Talk Business”  with serial entrepreneur and show host Mitch Schlimer, as his first featured guest were entrepreneur, and the author of the new book “Stepping Up”, Dr. John Izzo. After Dr. Izzo was serial entrepreneur Jim Herrera, who is a real visionary and the Chief Entrepreneur Officer (CEO) behind his latest company, Perceptive Insights. Just click this link, http://www.wrek.org/letstalkbusiness, and hit “the last show” arrow on top, and you can hear and learn from “Let’s Talk Business”.